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100gTraditional beef tartare, crispy capers, egg yolk, toasts (1,3,7)      12,90€

100g Grilled prawns with butter and white wine sauce, chilli, fresh parsley, ciabatta bread(1,2,3,7)      11,90€


300g Salad Caesar with grilled tiger prawns, caesar dressing, cheese Grana Padano (2,4,7)     9,90€

300g Warm salad with confit chicken, baked pumpkin, roasted chick pea      9,90€


0,33l Chicken and hen broth, home made noodles, vegetable (1,3,7,9)     4,50€

0,33l Creamy parsnip soup with asparagus, wild garlic pesto, carrot chips (7)     5,60€

0,33l Soup according to the daily offer     4,80€


Main coursers

250g Veal Rib-eye steak, home made demi-glace sauce with rosemary and green pepper, steak fries     24,90€

180g Pork loin Schnitzel in Bratislava style (1,3,7,12)     16,90€

400g Beef burger with french fries, caramelized onion, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, bbq dressing (1,3,7,12)     14,90€

200g Grilled duck breast, red cabbage puree flavored with apples, roasted Slovak potato noodles(1,3,7)     16,90€

180g Grilled salmon, grilled seasoned vegetable with fresh lemon thyme (4)     17,90€

250g Traditional Slovak potato gnocchi with fresh sheep cheese, crunchy bacon, chives (1,3,7)     9,90€

150g Deep fried varieties of cheese wrapped in panko breadcrumbs, potato carrot puree, homemade basil mayonnaise (vegetarian)(1,3,7)     13,90€

150g Marinated tofu cheese, red lentil ragout, avocado soyannaise (vegan) (6)     12,90€

For kids

120g Chicken nuggets, french fries, home made ketchup (1,3,7)     8,90€

150g Pasta pomodoro, grated cheese (1,3,7)     7,90€


250g Penne with grilled sirloin, fresh tomato, rosemary, green pepper, Grana padano cheese (7)     12,90€

250g Home made potato gnocchi, grilled oyster mushroom, baked Grana Padano cheese (1,3,7)     11,90€

250g Green risotto with dandelion and wild garlic, sous-vide chicken breast, fried nettle leaves (1,7)     12,90€



100g Warm chocolate souffle, sorbet (1,3,7)      6,90€

150g Home made Tiramisu (1,3,7)      5,90€

150g Selection of ice creams and sorbets, brownie crumbs (1,7)      6,90€

Side dish

150g Rice      2,90€

200g Boiled potato      2,90€

200g Grilled vegetable      4,90€

200g Rice      2,90€

200g French fries      3,90€

200g Potato carrot puree      3,90€