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Anton Meszároš

Anton Mezsároš is one of the few professional Slovak cooks that proves that zero waste cooking can not only improve our planet but can also be appreciated by human senses.He has dedicated himself to professional cooking for the past decade and thanks to his rich experience he has mastered the culinary alchemy- from food drying pickling to fermentation.


Breakfast till 11 am

200g Ham and Eggs with fresh bread (1,3)     4,90€

250g Crostini served with fresh home made avocado spread, sous vide egg (1,3)     5,90€

250g Crogue Monsieur (1,3,7)
sandwich, ham, cheese, eggs      5,20€


100g Foie Gras with onion marmalade (1)
Slovak potato flatbread     11,90€

100g Grilled cheese Halloumi (6,7)
with pickled asparagus, sweet pepper, lamb´s lettuce, herb dressing     9,60€

100g Beef Tartare (1,3,7,10)
with fried capers, dried egg yolk and toasted bread      11,60€


250g Salad Caesar with grilled chicken breast (1,3,4,7)
caesar dressing, croutons and cheese Grana Padano     9,20€

250g Avocado salad (7)
with Slovak sheep cheese, baked seeds, grape and agave oil     8,90€

250g Salad with grilled goat cheese (7)
raspberries in own juice, green asparagus, raspberry vinaigrette dressing      9,10€


0,33l Chicken and hen broth (1,3,9)
home made noodles, vegetables      4,20€

0,33l Fish soup (1,4,7,9)
with seafood, vegetables, crostini with herb butter     

0,33l Soup according to the daily offer      3,90€


Main coursers

200g Uruguay steak Black Angus (7)
served with baked baby potatoes and demi glace sauce      29,90€

250g Veal Rib-eye steak (10)
home made fries with dijon mayonnaise      23,00€

200g Traditional Wiener Schnitzel (1,3,7)
served with Slovak potato salad, lemon      15,90€

400g Beef Burger with potato fries (1,3,7,10,11)
caramelized onion, tomato, pickled gherkin, leaves salat, bbq dressing      12,90€

200g Pork loin (3,7,9)
with potato parmesan soufflé, Broccolini, forest blueberry sauce      15,90€

180g Duck breast (1,3,7)
served with red cabbage purée flavored with apple, roasted Slovak potato dumplings      14,90€

130g Beef tenderloin stew Stroganoff (1,3,7,9,10)
potato zucchini pancakes      14,90€

250g Crispy chicken thighs (1,6,7,9,11)
udon noodles, shallot, pak choi, carrot, zucchini and hoisin sauce      12,90€

180g Grilled salmon fillet (4,7,9)
marinated fennel, potato purée, fish gravy      15,60€

180g Traditional Slovak potato gnocchi (1,3,7,9)
with fresh sheep cheese, crunchy bacon, chives      8,30€

For kids

120g Chicken nuggets, french fries and home made ketchup (1,3,7)     7,90€

120g Penne al pomodoro with chicken (3,7,9)     7,90€


250g Open face ravioli (1,3,7,9)
grilled fresh vegetable, cheese Pecorino Romano      9,90€

250g Penne al pomodoro (3,9)
with grilled salmon bites, capers, arugula      10,70€

250g Risotto Caprese (7,8,9)
tomatoes, home made pesto, pine nuts, mozzarella di bufala      9,60€

250g Risotto di Manzo (7,8,9)
beef tenderloin, walnuts, fresh spinach, parmesan cheese      13,90€



100g Chocolate souffle, mango sorbet, raspberry dust (1,3,7)      6,20€

150g Home made Italian Tiramisu (1,3,7)      5,60€

150g Selection of ice creams served with brownie crumbs      5,90€

Cheesakes and desserts according to the daily offer     

Side dish

200g Potatoes (boiled, fried, roasted)     3,20€

200g Grilled vegetable      4,60€

150g Rice      2,90€

50g Cripsy baguette      1,00€