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Dávid Kollár

He started his culinary journey in his hometown of Stará Ľubovňa in northern Slovakia. Despite a later start in a professional kitchen, he became a chef of a 5 star hotel after only two years in business. Through various internship in the top of the line Slovak restaurants, he honed his talents. Under his baton the orchestra of flavours played in the kitchens of the most prestigious restaurants in Bratislava and its surroundings. Methods he uses are a proof of his commitment to Zero Waste ideology, whether it's candying, fermentation, drying or pickling. Under the leadership of our chef you are sure to have a proper gourmet experience and we cordially invite you to it.


Breakfast till 11 am

200g Ham&Eggs, bread     4,90€

180g Fresh sourdough bread, sheep cheese spread with avocado, marinated radish, mixed herbs (1,3,7)     4,90€

200g Quinoameal with coconut milk, agave sirup, fresh fruits      5,90€


80g Marinated salmon Grawlax with herbs, pink peper, dill sour cream and crispy ciabatta bread (1,3,4,7)     10,90€

100g Beef tartare, fried capers, egg yolk, toasted bread (1,3,7)      11,90€


250g Salad with avocado, grilled salmon, marinated fennel, lemon dressing (4)     10,90€

250g Quinoa salad with grilled goat cheese, baked pumpkin, marinated beetroot, honey lemon dressing (7)     9,90€


0,33l Chicken and hen broth, home made noodles, vegetable (1,3,7,9)     4,20€

0,33l Been soup „Jokai“ with smoked pork knuckle and pasta, sourdough bread (1,3,7,9)     7,90€

0,33l Soup according to the daily offer     4,20€


Main coursers

200g Grilled venison saddle, sweet potato mash, dried cranberries, rosemary sauce, black salsify chips (7)     29,90€

200g Fillet steak – Black Angus, mustard sauce, baked potatoes (7,10)     29,90€

180g Traditional Wiener Schnitzel, Slovak potato salad, onion pearls (1,3,7,12)     16,90€

400g Beef burger with french fries, caramelized onion, tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, bbq dressing (1,3,7,12)     13,90€

180g Pork loin, potato parmesan soufflé, dark forest mushroom sauce and pickled mushroom (7)     15,90€

200g Grilled Duck breast, puree of red cabage roasted on apples, roasted Slovak potato gnocchi (1,3,7)     16,90€

180g Grilled salmon, variation of mash, chick pea, sweet red peper reduction (4,7)     16,90€

250g Traditional Slovak potato qnocchi with fresh sheep cheese, crunchy bacon, chives (1,3,7)     9,90€

Special Chef´s offer

180g Traditional Entrecote Vienna style, rice, fried onion (1,7,10)     16,90€

For kids

120g Chicken nuggets, french fries, home made ketchup (1,3,7)     8,90€

120g Semolina pudding, butter, cocoa (1,7)     7,90€


250g Tagliatelle with wild boar ragú, baked hazelnts, marinated mushrooms (1,3,7,8,9)     11,90€

250g Penne with grilled sirloin Black Angus, cherry tomato, rosemary, green pepper, Grana padano cheese (7)     11,90€

250g Golden Beetoot risotto, baked Haloumi cheese, glazed rocket (7)     9,90€

250g Nut Risotto, roastbeef, chestnuts, nut dust, celery oil (7,8,10)     13,90€



100g Warm chocolate souflé, sauce of condensed milk, vanilla ice cream (1,3,7)      6,50€

150g Home made Tiramisu (1,3,7)      5,90€

150g Slovak potato noodles with poppy seeds, plum jam, ghee butter (1,3,7,13)      5,50€